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Newsletter February- April 2019


The new funding term commences on the 1st April, this means that all new funded children are able to start their new hours two weeks before the Easter break. Similarly, for those already claiming funded hours, if you would like to make any adjustments, these need to be made well in advance.  Please see Amy as soon as possible if you wish to do so.

We have recently been sent revised funding forms; only the children that will be remaining with us in September will need to complete a new form. However, ALL funding forms will require a new signature from parents in order for us to claim summer funding. Amy will be reaching out to all parents in the next couple of weeks

New Website

Our brand new website is now up and running! You can access the website by typing ‘Todwick Early Years’ into your search engine or by following the link:

All parents will need to register as a new user in order to access the protected area. All you have to do is click ‘register’ at the top of the web page. The details are then as follows:

Username: (insert your child’s full name)

Email: (enter the email address you want to use for the account)

Press register

Once you’re registered, TEY will be notified and we will then be able to accept your registration on our side .You will then receive an email from Todwick Early Years where you will find a link to set your password. The password is unique to you and will be required to access the website in future so please keep it in mind and also, keep it confidential! Once this is completed, you will then be able to access the parent portal.

Once your child leaves nursery, your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to access the parent portal.

Thank you to everyone who gave permission for us to post weekly photos of the children; we are very excited about sharing our weekly activities and room set up plan with all parents. It is a great way to keep up to date about what we are focusing on in nursery throughout each week, especially if you don’t always visit nursery for drop-offs/pick-ups. It also gives you a sneeky-peek of what your children get up to without you! To access the parent portal and view photos and information, visit the ‘parent’ tab on the website and then click ‘gallery’.

Important: Please refrain from re-posting any pictures taken at TEY onto your social media accounts.

New Menu

The new rolling menu will begin 25th February. Thank you to all the parents that took the time complete the food survey; from this we have managed to create a 15 week rolling menu comprising of 15 different meals. These meals are rotated which means that whatever day your child comes to nursery, they will always receive something different! All meal suggestions have been considered and we have chosen the most common meals from the surveys. The menu will be posted weekly on the parent portal area of the website. You can also view the menu in the nursery foyer.

Phonics Bear

Phonics Bear is due to start Wednesday 27th February; please make sure all payments have been made to Katie before this date and all forms are handed back to a member of staff at TEY.

Thank you to everyone who has signed their children up to the programme; your level of interest and positive feedback has astounded us. At the moment, Katie can only attend TEY once a week and on one set day but hopefully if this 12 week block is deemed a success, Katie will be able to come back and work with other children in the future.

Important: can we please stress to parents that ALL children take part in phonics sessions every day within normal nursery routine and that all members of staff use aspects of Letters and Sounds and jolly phonics within their practice throughout the day to support learning. We have a range of resources and activities that the children use freely and within every adult-led circle time.  Phonics Bear is simply an extra-curricular activity which offers new ways of learning and an opportunity to develop confidence around new people.

Nursery will run as normal for all children not taking part in Phonics Bear.

Red nose day

Red nose day falls on Friday 15th March. We ask that all children come to their normal sessions dressed in RED but this is completely optional! Donations will be accepted and will be added to the collection at TPS.

 Quick Reminders

Kixx (previously known as Mini Kicks): Kixx is due to start again on Thursday 28th February. All forms and payment need to be handed in before Thursday. Thank you for your continuous support and commitment to Kixx. It is lovely to keep inviting Coach Liam back to TEY; he has made a big impression on the children and they seem to be really benefitting from his activities.

 Toys and Sweets: TEY do not take responsibility for loss of goods and have a duty to control all foods brought onto the premises. Can you please refrain from letting your child bring food and toys into nursery.

 Sensible Clothing: Due to the decline in weather and the icy weather conditions please dress your child appropriately and ensure children attend nursery with winter coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and sensible footwear for outdoor play.

 Nursery Clothes: Can anyone that has borrowed nursery clothes please return as soon as possible as we are slowly running out! Donations, especially girl’s trousers and pants, will be gladly appreciated/ accepted.

Key Person: Each child has a member of staff as a key person. If you are unsure who your child’s key person is please refer to the list in the foyer or ask a member of staff. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress please see your key person who will make an appointment. Parent drop-ins/ stay and play days will be scheduled for the end of this term.

Pushchairs: Please leave pushchairs outside the building.

Non-Attendance: Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be attending a nursery session.

Car Park: In the interests of safety do not let your child cycle/run around the car park.