About Todwick Early Years

Todwick Early Years is a free-flow, free-choice nursery that offers care and learning opportunities for 2, 3 and 4 year old’s.

Our main concern is for the happiness and development of your child.  We believe that every child should feel secure, safe and happy.  We give children autonomy and choice, allowing them to initiate their own play and follow their own interests. We encourage them to have their own views and share their ideas and thoughts.  We provide a friendly, safe and stimulating environment where this can be achieved.

Once your child is settled into nursery he/she will be assigned a key person. Your child will have their own folder where special work and photos will be kept, along with their learning journey; this will go home when your child leaves for school. 

Your child’s development will be observed and tracked using ‘planning in the moment’.  

Planning in the Moment allows all practitioners to spend quality time with every child.  We no longer take long periods out of nursery to pre-plan activities and set targets for the children each week. Instead, we follow the children’s lead and cherish every interaction with each child. We watch, we listen, we assess and then we decide how we will extend play to achieve a positive outcome.

This response is therefore ‘planned in the moment’ and is specialised for each unique child in that particular unique moment.  Each staff member will consider if they can add anything to that moment and will interact and respond accordingly, supporting the child to develop and learn new things.


For those attending Todwick Primary School, we work with the FS2 teacher in relation to school readiness and ensuring a successful transition process for you and your child.

Admission to school is determined by RMB school admissions policy


Our Daily Routine

8:45am Nursery Doors Open for AM Session. Children come in and take part in self-registration. children are then encouraged to separate from their caregiver and choose an activity they would like to do.

We offer long periods of free-flow play where children can become fully engaged in activities with little or no interruptions.

Children have access to both indoor and outdoor play all day.

11:30am Story Time and Learning Activities. This Includes phonics, group games and singing/rhyme time.

11:45am Morning Session Ends.

11:45-12:30am Lunch Time.  With the choice of a hot menu option or

sandwich. We offer various options for dessert.

12:30pm PM Session Begins. We have our afternoon registration and a small story/song time to welcome all our afternoon children. Children then engage in more free-flow play, indoors and outdoors. 

3:15pm Story Time and Learning Activities . This Includes phonics, group games and singing/rhyme time.

3:30pm Nursery Closes


Please note:

  • We offer a rolling snack throughout the day whereby children can access a healthy range of fruit and snacks, water and milk.
  • We also offer optional extracurricular activities such as Kixx and Phonics Bear where Coach Liam and Katie come in to work with small groups of children.
  • We celebrate every event and festival and invite the children to take part in festive/cultural activities throughout the year. We love a good excuse to dress up and have party fun!

Applying for a Place

If you wish to apply for a place for your child, please give us a call (01909 773494) or pop into the nursery; we will be happy to book you an appointment for a visit and pass on the relevant forms.

Places are subject to availability and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Free taster sessions are available for all new starters.

Opening Times

7.30 – 8.45 Breakfast Club (Kidz Club) 3-11 years
8.45 – 11.45 AM Session 2-4 years
11.45 – 12.30 Lunch Club 2-4 years
12.30 – 3.30 PM Session 2-4 years
3.15 – 5.45 After School Club (Kidz Club) 3-11 years


Breakfast Club EE Funded or £4.00 per day (inc Breakfast)
AM Session EE Funded or £12.00 (inc snack and milk)/£14 for 2 year olds
Lunch Club EE Funded or £4.00 per day (inc two course light lunch)/£5 for 2 year olds
PM Session EE Funded or £12.00 per day (inc snack)/£14 for 2 year olds
After School Club EE Funded or £10.00 per day (inc light snack)


Your child may qualify for up to 15 hours funded childcare and for working parents this may extend to 30 hours. Visit  Childcare Choices for more information.

Childcare vouchers

If you are working and pay tax you may qualify for tax relief for childcare care costs.If you were part of a private childcare voucher scheme you can still continue to use that provider.  Give the provider our details and they will arrange to make payments (Edenred will require you quote reference P20021161).

New applicants now are only able to use the government tax free childcare scheme quoting our reference 4484429038.

For more information visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

All prices and opening times are for the 2018-19 school year.